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Polypro Acid Wet Bench
Short Name: Acidsink
Category: Chemical Processing/Wet Clean & Etch
Staff 1:   Wilson Lin
Staff 2:   Max Ho
Super Users: N/A
Equipment Status: Ready
Trainings Required: 1
Location: Yellow Room
Acidsink - Polypro Acid Wet Bench
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Specification  Steve Franz 2/2/2012 9:36:40 AM
equipment status history
Update DateStatusCommentsUpdated By
2/25/2016 8:54:30 AM Ready   Brian Matthews
2/25/2016 8:54:19 AM Down   Brian Matthews
8/10/2015 2:55:30 PM Ready   Brian Matthews
8/10/2015 2:55:18 PM Down   Brian Matthews
10/25/2012 10:50:26 AM Unavailable The EMO was hit during the fire alarm. The cryopump recovery in progress Hoc Ngo